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SEND Evaluation 2021-2022


Thank you for the warm welcome you gave me when I met with you on Thursday 30th  June, 2022. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your school, welcomed the honest dialogue and enjoyed learning about your school.

In summary, these are my reflections:

  • leaders have created a wonderfully warm and caring learning environment in which all children can achieve.
  • leaders think carefully about their provision, especially for those children with needs. Taking a holistic view of each child, support and interventions are reviewed regularly to ensure they are having impact.
  • children’s views reflect the school’s aims, talking enthusiastically about their teachers, their learning and the other opportunities made available to them;
  • it is great to see those children with identified needs achieve well and are an integral part of the school community.
  • attendance, albeit below pre-pandemic levels, is better than much of the rest of country, and the disparity between SEND and non-SEND is not significant. PA is also at an acceptable level.
  • the school rightly prides itself on its inclusive culture and ethos. The use of trauma perceived practice is integral to this and is well embedded.


Matthew Fuller

Unity Schools Partnership

'Miss Taylor and her team have put wellbeing at the centre of Limes Farm Infant School and Nursery. They recognise that not only does it improve the quality of life for their school but it also creates a more motivated and higher performing workforce, which in turn leads to a happier and more successful place for all.' 


Peter Tidmarsh



'Attentive and friendly staff, displays around the school are child friendly, positive and very encouraging, through several discussions with staff member it was clear that staff are aware of the importance of mental health and its impact on learning and strive to help children feel understood and supported.'


Bernadette Letchford

Play Therapist


'Limes Farm Infant School & Nursery work with families, pupils and a wide range of professional agencies to sustain the development and wellbeing of all pupils, including those in challenging circumstances. The School always provides a programme of support based on appropriate consultation, to meet the needs of all families and pupils.'


Lisa Golding 

Healthy Schools Engagement Worker

Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service


'The children at Limes Farm Infant School are confident, engaged, happy, theatrical, artistic children with a clear love of learning. They learn through fun and ingenious ways. The school flows, the children are cared for. The staff have created a safe space where the children can feel happy, comfortable and ultimately be themselves.'


Jennifer Gillin 

Former Parent Governor












My daughter attends to your nursery. This email is just to say how happy I am with how much her needs are being met by Mrs Williamson. She struggles quiet a bit with anxiety and Mrs Williamson has honestly been my biggest support throughout it. She has given me loads of advice and has even made a now and next for at home to help with this. I can not explain how happy I am with in such short time the school has helped my daughter and me. I just wanted the nursery to get the recognition they deserve with how much they have done.


Thank you so much.