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Assessment Information

Children will be regularly assessed, throughout the year, by their Teacher, to ensure each child is making progress towards the end of year expectations. The end of year expectations are:


Working towards the expected standard (WTS) 

Working at the expected standard (EXT)

Working above the expected standard (GDS) 

At the end of Year 2, children will be assessed using set tests (previous SATs papers) marked internally by the teacher. This will be done for Maths, Reading and Writing. We are no longer required to complete the SATs Tests in the same formal manner as before. As such, we will use past papers to help to add to our own Teacher Assessment Judgement, by the end of the academic year. Parents and Carers will be provided with this information in their child's school report. 


Please read through the examples of what children are expected to demonstrate independently, for each standard, below. 

Reading Standards Explained

Writing Standards Explained

Maths Standards Explained

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