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Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders

Welcome to our Digital Leaders Program! Our school is proud to introduce a team of tech-savvy and dedicated students known as Digital Leaders. These outstanding pupils are at the forefront of our school's digital initiatives, playing a crucial role in enhancing technology integration and fostering a safe, innovative, and inclusive digital environment.

Our Digital Leaders are passionate about leveraging technology for learning and are here to support both students and teachers. From technical issues to guiding their peers in using educational apps and promoting responsible online behavior, these leaders are an invaluable asset to our school community.

They actively engage in organizing workshops, assisting in setting up devices, and promoting digital literacy across all grades. Their commitment to embracing technology in education and their enthusiasm for sharing knowledge make them essential contributors to our school's tech-driven learning environment.

Join us in celebrating the dedication and expertise of our Digital Leaders as they continue to lead the way in promoting digital citizenship, empowering their peers, and shaping a dynamic digital future for our school.

Our Digital Leaders

Our first Digital Leaders Zoom Meeting

We were so excited to chat to all the other schools across the Epping Forest Trust and share all of our ideas to help our schools!