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Our Wellbeing Centre

Wellbeing Centre

At Limes Farm Infant School and Nursery, we are committed to supporting the well-being of all our children, families and staff.

We aim to ensure the positive mental health and well-being of all our children. The school is in the process of developing the Essex TPP (Trauma Perceptive Practice) approach to understanding behaviour and supporting well-being. This approach uses the values of Compassion, Kindness, Hope, Connection and Belonging to support children and is embedded in our school systems and practice.

At our school we decided to use our spare classroom to create an additional safe environment where we focus on nurturing the whole child to develop their skills to become well rounded citizens. We want all children to be able to have the skills to identify when they may need additional support with their mental health, and provide them with strategies and coping mechanisms to deal with this.

As a school we always ensure that we support all of the children and meet their needs. We are therefore very excited about the development of a new Wellbeing Centre. This is based in the demountable classroom in the playground.

This room will help to enhance the children's positive mental health and provide a calm space for all when needed.

From the knowledge we have of our pupils needs, we know that this new Centre is crucial in supporting all pupils who may at some point require the space and support to self-regulate, manage anxieties and be ready to learn.

Please watch this space for further development!