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At Limes Farm Infant School and Nursery we believe that a consistent school uniform policy is vital to promote the ethos of the school and provide a sense of belonging and identity for all pupils, regardless of their protected characteristics or socio-economic circumstances.


The school will ensure that its school uniform is affordable and accessible to all pupils, and does not place an unreasonable financial burden on parents.


The school will assess the overall cost implications of its uniform policy regularly, including prior to making any changes to the school uniform. When evaluating whether costs are reasonable and proportionate, the school will take into account the opinions and situations of:


  • Economically disadvantaged parents.
  • Parents with multiple children who are, or will be in the future, pupils at the school.
  • Parents of younger children, as they are likely to grow quickly and require new sets of uniform more frequently.
  • Parents of pupils with protected characteristics that may impact their ability to access the uniform.
  • LAC and PLAC.


The school will evaluate the cost of its uniform based on the overall collection of uniform items that parents would need to purchase for a pupil, rather than on the cost effectiveness of individual items; this will include consideration of the fact that parents will need to purchase multiples of certain items, e.g. shirts and socks, to ensure their child can come to school in clean uniform every day.


The school will meet the DfE’s requirements and recommendations on costs and value for money. Care will be taken to ensure that school uniform is affordable for all current and prospective pupils, and that the best value for money is secured through reputable suppliers.


At our school we also offer donated second-hand uniform available for purchase at a lower price. If you would like more information please contact the school office.