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Week beginning 19/04/2021


Today we are going to be completing some news writing. It is going to be all about you! Can you write about you weekend? Can you include details such as where you went? Who you saw? If you had fun?

When we are writing about something that has happened we are writing in the past tense so we must use past tense words such as went, watched, saw, ate, played.

To make sure our writing makes sense we also write what we did in an order. Time words can help us with that such as yesterday, on Saturday, after that, then, in the afternoon, finally. Try to include some of these in your writing too.

Don’t forget to use full stops and capital letters. I look forward to reading all of your news!


Our topic this term is animals and we have been reading a book set in Africa. Today you are going to read a nonfiction text about elephants and then answer some questions about what you have read.

Task: Read through the comprehension sheet and then have a go at answering the questions.


Today we will be looking at plurals. Please read carefully through the PowerPoint and then complete the animal plurals sheet.


Today we are going to focus on using full stops and question marks correctly. Go through the PowerPoint to help you to get a better understanding of how these should be used. There is also a quiz on there for you to check your punctuation skills. When you are confident have a go at completing the full stop and question marks sheet.