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The Wildlife Trust - 30 Days Wild at Nursery

Spending time in nature is especially important for children, helping them to cultivate a love and appreciation of our wild world. There’s lots of other benefits too, as not only can a connection with nature help improve physical and mental wellbeing, time spent outdoors can also help children concentrate more in lessons, that is why the nursery are taking part within the wildlife trusts wild for 30 day challenge. 


The children adore feeding the birds and since we have our window bird feeder we have been luck enough to see an array of smaller birds and a mummy starling feed her babies. Over on the larger bird feeder, where we throw the bread we see larger birds and the local squirrel. 


Over the next thirty days the children will get to experience holding minibeasts, walking barefoot in the grass, smelling flowers, hugging trees and being  at one with nature, building our own minibeasts hotel, creating a hedgehog house and planting lots of beautiful flowers, creating a wildflower area and growing and caring for our fruit and vegetables.