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Week Beginning 1/2/21

This week in English we will be reading the story Look Up. I have recorded myself reading the story so feel free to watch as many times as you like so that you become familiar with the story.


Today’s task is an inference tasks. That means you have to use clues and your own ideas to infer the answers to the questions. Take a look at the picture from the book and then have a go at answering the questions.


Today’s task requires you to find the words in the maze to create the sentence in the text. Take a look at each page to help you know what each sentence should say, then circle the words to make the sentence. Don’t forget to write the sentence underneath and check that it makes sense.


Today you are going to retell the story in pictures. Hopefully you have become familiar with the book and can remember what happens in the correct order. Can you draw a picture for each square showing something that happened in the story? You should also add a sentence for each picture. You can submit this separately if you prefer.


Today you will read part of the story. After you have read it have a go at answering the questions to show that you have understood what you have read. Remember to use the text to help you find the answers.