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Year 2 Remote Learning

Year 2 Home Learning 


Hi Yellow and Red Class! Each week the Teachers will be uploading tasks and activities, that can be completed at home, if needed. These tasks will reflect the learning in class, so no one misses out! 


We can be contacted via email or on Class Dojo, should you need any assistance. 


Please take a photo and send the work in via Class Dojo or the email addresses below;


Red Class -


Yellow Class -



At Limes Farm Infant School and Nursery we understand that Online Safety is of paramount importance for the children we teach. We continue to strive to ensure that all children are kept safe, including when accessing Remote Learning. In light of this, we have implemented a Remote Learning Code of Conduct, below.


  1.  Ensure children are supervised when completing online learning tasks or accessing recorded lessons.
  2. Use the reputable learning sites and platforms suggested by Teachers.
  3. Use our 'Remote Online Learning Offer' as a guide.
  4. Read Online Safety updates posted on the website.
  5.  Contact Staff using appropriate channels and ask for assistance, if needed.
  6. Make sure any online devices have appropriate child filters in place.

Go Noodle Invitation

English Tasks


Task 1


Recap  the events of the GFOL. How do we know about the Fire? There was no TV or internet.


There were newspaper articles. What else might there have been?Look at the resource named ‘image 1’.  What do you think he did?  During the fire he buried cheese and wine! 

Watch Magic Grandad

 Imagine you are living across from the river and you are watching the events of the great fire unfold. What can you see, hear, smell, taste, touch? How do you feel? Children to record ideas in sentences on paper.


I can see …..

I can touch…..

I can smell….

I can taste….

I can hear….


Task 2

Read diary entry from Samuel Pepys, named ‘Diary’ Task 2 below. 

A diary is not a story but how a person feels as the events have happened. 

Imagine you are Samuel Pepys.  Which day could you write? 

Imagine that they are transported to that time and are recording events. 

Try and use Wow Words such as extraordinary, spectacle and devastation.

Write diary entry for the first day of the fire.


Today is the 2nd of September 1666. When I got out of bed I saw…….


Task 3


The people who write Newspaper articles or present the news are named journalists.  What is this?  What do they do?  They find out the facts of what has happened and write about them. This means other people know what is happening.


Look at the planning frame named ‘Task 3 Frame’ below. You are going to make a plan to write a newspaper report for tomorrow. Come up with a Title/Headline for your report. Could it be ‘London’s Burning’? Imagine you are a journalist who has just seen the fire starting in Pudding Lane. Then write down some notes explaining what you have seen, who it has happened to, why it happened, how it happened and where.


Task 4


Look at your Newspaper Report plan from yesterday. Read it aloud to a grown up.


Today, you are going to write your report in full sentences. Be sure to include lots of WOW words! Take a photo and send your finished report to your teacher on class dojo!



Maths Tasks

This week, we will be focusing on using our multiplication skills. 


Please use the challenges provided and look at the videos to help you. Choose 1 challenge per day. Contact your child's teacher on Class Dojo if you are unsure as to what is suitable. 






Please continue to work through the phonics booklets. Remember, you can request for these to be printed if you cannot complete them online. 

Topic Work


For P.E , I recommend the website 'Go Noodle'.


It is free to join and has great videos for moving around and calming down. 


You can also follow lots of Joe Wicks videos on different platforms, including below.



Our Topic this half term is 'London's Burning'. We will be looking at the Great Fire of London in a lot of detail. Why not create a fact file on London and draw your own map? You could even research the Great Fire and create a Powerpoint Presentation to email in to your teachers!


We will also be doing research on Remembrance Day. Again, see what interesting information you can find out!