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Year 2 Remote Learning

Year 2 Home Learning 


Hi Yellow and Red Class! Each week the Teachers will be uploading tasks and activities, that can be completed at home, if needed. These tasks will reflect the learning in class, so no one misses out! 


We can be contacted via email or on Class Dojo, should you need any assistance. 


Please take a photo and send the work in via Class Dojo or the email addresses below;


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English Tasks

Task 1


Read the story ‘Superkid’. This is our story for the week.


Why do we wash our hands? Talk to a grown up about the important reasons for washing our hands. We wash our hands to stop germs spreading. 


Today we are going to design a super hero who is going to teach others how to wash their hands and stop germs from spreading. We will have to use bossy language such as commands. A command sentence is one that tells someone what to do. For example. “Wash your hands” or ‘Sit down”. 


Design a super hero- give him a super hero name and a super power write three commands for others to follow 



Task 2

Re read the story ‘Superkid’. Today we are going to learn about question marks and how to use them. 


A question is something that someone asks to learn more information. They have a question mark (?) at the end. What sort of words do questions usually start with?

Imagine that you were about to meet super kid. What questions would you like to ask him? Talk to your grown up about your ideas. 


Write down 5 question marks you would like to ask Superkid, using question marks. 



Task 3

Read the story again. Look at the part of the book where super kid saves the children from the bullies. What is bullying? How does it make people feel?

We are going to write some command sentences to tell the bullies off. Remember a command is a sentence bossy, for example, ‘Don’t do that’. 


Use the sheet on the resource section and sort the sentences into questions and commands. 




Task 4

Talk about how superkid behaves in the story. Create a list of words that describe his actions. How does he behave?

Try and use words that are called adverbs. These usually end in ‘ly’.

An example below is

‘Superkid bravely saved the children from the bullies.’


Use the worksheet below and Complete the sentences. Select the correct adverb from the word bank.



Task 5  

Today we are going to be writing a diary entry. 


What is a diary? 

A diary is something you write to record things you have doing, each day. 

What things does Superkid do in the story? What happens each day?


A diary is written in the past tense because the events have already happened.


Write a diary entry, pretending to be Superkid. Explain what you have done each day. Remember to use the past tense. For example, “Yesterday I went to the shop and played a game’. 



Maths Tasks


Please complete these tasks online if your child is unable to attend school. You can view the worksheet on the screen and ask your child to write the answers on a piece of paper. Alternatively, you can request a Home Learning pack to be printed, via class dojo. 



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This will be updated as we move through the term.