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PSHE Jigsaw

Spring 2


In PSHE this term we will be focusing on Health and Wellbeing with a greater focus on 'Our Body' and 'Healthy Living'. Please use these lessons to enrich discussions with your child and encourage them to think about making healthy choices. 

Spring 1


In PSHE this term we are settings goals and talking about what things you can do well.
Please support your child to work through the PowerPoint (on class story) and discuss whether they see success in this picture? Why or why not?

Your child can then decorates their own small treasure chest. You can use the picture template or design your own. Inside the treasure chest, draw some coins and write on them things that you are proud of e.g. being able to ride a bike.


Please use this to support the discussion with your child about the successful scenarios in the pictures.

Once finished, you can complete the task and submit to your child's portfolio.

We will be building upon the children's understanding of dreams and goals in the next few weeks