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Our Inclusion Manager is Louise Walsh. She works as both our Inclusion Manager and as PPA Teacher.  She is available in her Inclusion Manager role on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, and can be reached on the school telephone number 0208 501 1115

How does the school support children with Special Educational Needs and Most Able children?

Children identified with educational needs or as more able are supported in a variety of ways. First the tasks set them are carefully planned to be suitable for their needs. Extra adult support is also sometimes provided in small group setting or on a one –to-one basis. Targets are set regularly and One Plans are developed for SEND children with regular reviews so that progress can be carefully tracked. Parents and carers are termly invited into the school to discuss progress and next step targets with the classteacher and Special Educational Needs teacher who co-ordinates the process. More able children may also have special targets set to ensure that they make good progress. We aim to work in partnership with the parents and carers to provide as much support and guidance as possible.


How does the school support children with disabilities?

The school works with external agencies to ensure that appropriate provision is made to enable children with disabilities to enter the school and access a full curriculum. The school undertakes to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that the child is not placed at a substantial disadvantage.
There is a ramp into the building and a toilet with wheelchair access. Further access improvements planned can be found in the following Accessibility Plan.