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Caterpillar shoes- Literacy tasks

This week we will be watching the short video Caterpillar Shoes. Please watch this with your child following the link


Task 1 –Watch the video clip all the way through then watch it again but this time write down any words you notice that rhyme. What do you notice about the spelling of these words? Can you write some of your own rhyming sentences?


Task 2- Watch the clip again and then answer the comprehension questions on the sheet.


Task 3- Choose two characters from the video to describe. You must use a range of interesting verbs and adjectives to describe them such as “on top of its head it has two long, twitching antenna” You can look at my example of the spider to help you.


Task 4- Watch the video again this time I want you to write down the order that the caterpillar meets each character. Use this to help you to order my sentences which have become all mixed up. These can be cut out and stuck in the correct order or you could practice your handwriting and copy them neatly in the write order onto a piece of paper.


Task 5- Write the story in your own words. Use your work from yesterday to help you.


This week, we are looking at addition and subtractions.

Prior to completing the worksheets, check that your child feels confident in being able to find the answers. Work through the Powerpoints provided, before you attempt to complete the tasks.


I have uploaded 5 daily lessons with worksheets. Can I also stress that if your child is finding these tasks very hard, do look at the Class Pages of Orange and Violet Class. There is no reason why your child cannot work through the Maths suggested on there, if more applicable to their level. Remember that children develop at their own pace so please do not worry if there are gaps in their knowledge.


You can also continue to work through the Maths No Problem books. This can be as an extra challenge or instead of the Maths Resources below. This week, please look at the sections on addition and subtraction. 


Please keep sharing your work with us on Class Dojo. We will try to comment when we can. If you are still not signed up to the Yellow Class page, please email;


Online Safety Tasks


With the children learning from home, please continue to be vigilant about how to keep safe online.


To assist you with this, please go to the following website and work through these age appropriate lessons.


Please also read the story posted below, named 'DigiDuck', with your child.



Foundation Subject Ideas

Hello Everyone,


We hope you are all well and staying safe. There is a great new website named Oxford Owls, which you can find at


Here you can read books that are related to your colour level and complete some mini activities. I have created a class login so you can access this at home. The login details are;


Username: lfi yellow class

Password: Limes Farm


Please check this page and the 'Latest News' Section regularly, for more updates and ideas!


Miss Stevens