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Autumn 2 - Historical Heroes

In English, this half term we will be exploring a number of 'historical heroes'. Year Two children will be learning all about historical figures such as Walter Tull, Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. 

They will be looking at non fiction and fiction texts, as well as poetry and drama. This will be particularly poignant around Remembrance Day, where the children will use drama to really delve into the past. 

We will also be learning all about The Great Fire of London and focusing on writing for different purposes. This will also be the focus of our School trip, to the Tower of London!

In Maths, the focus will begin on honing our addition and subtraction skills. The children need to complete their calculations using the tens and ones method taught in school. Video's of how to do this are available on our Maths Curriculum page. 


Next, we will be exploring money, using coins and notes. Our learning will involve a lot of role play in School, with the children using drama to process the concepts. Get involved at home by asking your child to 'count' up your shopping basket, or play with some real coins at home!


Finally, we will be looking at the beginnings of multiplication. The early stages of this are taught using the 'array' method. Again, video's explaining this concept are on the Maths Curriculum page. Children need to know their 2's, 5's and 10's times tables, by the time they go into Year 3. The array method gives them a strategy to use for any calculation and so is incredibly useful!

Make Your Own Recycled Paper

In Science, we are continuing our exploration of all things materials! The children will attempt a number of different investigations, to ascertain which materials have the 'best' properties, for a particular purpose. Check out the video above, to have a go at one of the experiments at home!