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Week Beginning 22/3/21

Last week in school we planted our own bulbs.



Remind your child of our planting activity last week. Discuss what we did, where we did it, who was there, and if the children enjoyed it. Explain that today we are going to sequence our activity in the correct order.

Look at the PowerPoint and complete the ordering tasks

Look at the slides explaining what time words are

Show your child the photos of the planting activity, explain that they have got mixed up and that you would like them to sequence them with you.

Display the time connectives to match to the photos explain that these words help with the ordering of events.


Activity- Sequence the pictures match the words First, Next, Then, Last



Look at the photos from our planting activity

Ask your child to say what is happening in each photo? Can they use a time word in their sentence? Model the sentences for them. Example- First you get the soil, pot, seeds and water.

Explain that we are going to be writing instructions to help other people learn how to plant a bulb.

Work your way through each photo asking your child to verbalise what happened next. Ask them to choose an appropriate time word for each instruction.


Activity- Children to look at the photos and time words then write a simple sentence giving instruction for each picture.



Today your child is going to write a recount of planting our bulbs. Discuss what a recount is.

Read a recount example

‘I work up a 7am. Then, I made breakfast. After that I went shopping. I was exhausted! Soon it was time for lunch. Finally I went to bed.’

Ask them what they notice about the language (time words, first person, past tense – all features of recounts).What words make the recount interesting?

Can your child remember what they did when they planted there bulbs? Discuss if they think these need to in the right order. Discuss why this is important.

Ask them to recall the time words we used during the week. Explain that today when we write a recount we will be adding more detail.


Activity -Write a recount using time words, past tense, first person. Ask them to think of interesting words to include in there writing.



Explain that today we are going to be creating a poster that helps people understand how to look after a plant and what plants need. Can your child remember all the parts of the plant and what their function is.


Remind your child of the posters they made about looking after a guinea pig. How did we set our poster out? What did it need? Discuss a poster title, picture, subheadings and clear information


Where should the title go? Picture? Subheadings?

Discuss what information should be included.


Activity- Create an information poster about plants and what they need to grow