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What a wonderful world

During this half term your child will complete the Phonics Screening Check. Please continue to read daily to support your child.


This half term our topic will be "What a Wonderful World". The children will be learning about the three R's Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We will be teaching the children about the importance of looking after our planet and discussing how we can all do our part to protect our planet. 


In English the children will read the text Tidy and Clean Up. The will also write some non fiction pieces on recycling and will practice their punctuation skills. 




In maths the children will be learning how to describe positions and turns, continue to develop their number skill, recognise and add money including coins and notes and will learn about time.


Skill development

Describe turns. • Describe Position

Count to 100. • Partitioning numbers • Compare numbers. • Order numbers. • One more, one less Recognise coins. • Recognise notes. • Add coins

Dates. • Time to the hour. • Time to the half hour. • Writing time. • Comparing time


In science the children will revise their knowledge of materials whilst learning about recycling. They will think of ways to reduce waste and will learn a bit about renewable energy.






In history this term we will be learning about the history of toys, we will learn what toys used to be made of and compare them to the toys we have today.



In art and DT we will look at the artist Henri Rousseau. We will create a collage of his famous tiger in the storm piece. We will learn about foregrounds and backgrounds and will use a range of materials and techniques. This half term we will also learn about print. We will create our own designs and prints using foam tiles.



Please see our medium term plan below for further information on what we are learning this half term.


Medium Term Plan