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Week beginning 26/04/21

This week we will continue with our story we’re going on a lion hunt


Monday- Use verbs in our writing

Reread or watch the story together. Discuss the page when the children tiptoe. Why do you think they do this? Do we always move in the same way?

Make a list of ways we can move. Explain to your child that these are called verbs. If we can do it then it’s a verb!

Look at the verb PowerPoint to support your child with understanding this.

Explain to the class that today we are going to describe how the children may have moved throughout the story. Remind them of what is said...we can’t go over it we can’t go under it we’ve got to go through it. We are now going to add a verb to each part, as a class such as we can’t walk, run skip over it etc.


Ask your child to write their own sentences describing how they will move through the story. They can use the verb list you created together to support them or if you think they need a bit more help they can use the writing template.

Tuesday- Describe a new character

Remind you child of the lesson they did last week when we learnt what an adjective is.


Explain that today your child can decide which animal they would like to go on a hunt for. Share some suggestions of African animals they might look for.


Select one of the animals; create a word bank of adjectives to describe the animal with your child, this will help them with their writing- challenge your child to think of synonyms for these words.


Now use these adjectives to create sentences that describe their animal


Were going on a _____hunt were going to catch a _______ one.


Then describe the animal using full sentences.

Wednesday- Plan your own story

Explain to your child that today they are going to plan their own ‘animal hunt story’ discuss what happened in the story we’re going on a lion hunt paying close attention to what happened at the beginning? What happened next? What happened at the end?


Today they are going to plan their own story using the animal they chose yesterday to describe, and our way of moving throughout the scenes (verbs) that we used earlier in the week.


Show your child the story plan template that they will use today and explain how they will use each box to draw a picture for each part of their story. Start with the animal they have chose ask them to describe what is happening as they draw .....we’re going on a ___hunt, Were going to catch a big one, we have done it before we’re not scared. Draw in the first box


Ask your child to keep going 2nd Oh no! Grass- Draw the grass- how can we describe the grass using adjectives? Add adjectives to the picture- which verb can we use to describe how we move. Your child does not need to write a sentence, they should only add verbs and adjectives to help them with their story writing tomorrow.


What will be next? Ask your child to complete the story map adding each part of the story.

Thursday- Write our own version of the story


Ask your child to look at their story plans from yesterday.

Ask your child to retell their story using their story plans. Explain today each part of the story will now need to be written.

Discuss what makes stories interesting? Should all the sentences start in the same way? Remind you child of the verbs and adjectives they have used this week.


Support your child with writing their story. Encourage them to use the same style of writing used in our story ‘we’re going on a lion hunt’.