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Week beginning 7.6.21

This half term we will be learning about the method of printing. You will need paints in order to do this. 


Learning Objectives- Print using natural materials


Show the PowerPoint and discuss what printing is. Ensure your child has a good understanding of the technique and the desired effect.


Remind them of our story this week where Pete swept up all the leaves. Explain that today we are going to create a tree picture by leaf and sponge printing. Gather a range of leaves from a local walk and a sponge that you can use to print if possible if not you can draw or paint a tree trunk instead.


Show an example of a tree printing to your child ( See below). Ask them what they like about the picture? What do they notice? Do they notice the different shape leaf prints? Are they all the same colour? How do they think the tree trunk was created?


 Allow your child some time to practise printing using some scrap paper until they are confident that they can use the technique.


Give them some paper and ask them to use the technique to create their own tree printing.