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Blue Class

Welcome to Blue Class!

Class Teacher: Miss Abdi

Supported by: Miss Jolly & Mrs Harvey

Autumn 1: All About Me

Our topic in Autumn 1 is 'All about Me' The children in Blue class delved into self-discovery as they engaged in many activities as they've learnt all about themselves. One of our activities was to paint their own self- portraits. We have also explored the book 'Super Duper You!' a book authored by Sophy Henn; where we took a closer look and drew a step-by-step guide for drawing the main character in the book!

Blue class spoke about their aspirations in their future careers and what they can become as they grow up!

Autumn 2: Light up the World

Our Autumn 2 topic is 'Light up the World'. During this term, the children enjoyed celebrating Halloween by donning fantastic costumes. We also had a delightful time exploring our eerie kitchen, where we concocted our own potions!

We had a blast in movie night!

Blue class received a visit from Epping Forest District Museum, where the children engaged in retelling many stories. The children delved into the history of our locality through the narratives of significant people spanning from ancient to contemporary times. Engaging actively the children dressed up  and role-played scenarios using both real and replica items associated with the influential figures from the past!

We were fortunate to host the delightful CJ in Reception! The children thoroughly enjoyed interacting with CJ and his entertaining storytelling, particularly focusing on the theme of light. The narrative conveyed the powerful idea that even a small amount of light has the ability to illuminate an entire room.

Christmas Activities 

Our first Christmas Concert!

We have had a blast performing in front of our parents and friends!

We have practiced really hard and the concert was a success!